Top Amusement Parks To Visit While You Are In Florida

When you think of the top amusement parks in the world, Disneyland is always going to come up. It is the original super amusement park that millions of people love. However, when you go to Florida they have their version called Disney World, and several other parks that are nearby. Let’s look at some of the other amusement parks that you may want to visit while you are in Florida, locations that are scattered all throughout the state. This will be very beneficial because it will take you to locations that you may not have visited in Florida before simply because you are checking out the amusement parks.

Other Theme Parks You Should Visit

Once you have done Disney World for a few days, you may want to take a break and try another park out. If you are going to stay in Orlando, you can visit Universal Orlando, a place that is just as breathtaking as the Disney theme parks. However, if you want to keep doing Disney related parks, you can go to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, or Disney’s the Animal Kingdom. All of these offer quite a bit of entertainment in the form of rides, and also a learning experience regarding technology and also animals.

When Should You Start to Plan Your Trip

Traveling to Florida for the purpose of going to these theme parks requires a little bit of extra thinking. It’s not just booking your hotel, flight, and rental car. You are also going to need to plan your trip based around the different theme parks that you want to visit. You will have to coordinate your trip, going to the different cities, and staying for enough days to experience all of them that are there. It may take you several weeks, but it’s going to be a fun-filled adventure that you will always remember, and that your kids will also thank you for once it is done.

There are other possible theme parks that you can visit which will include Legoland, Buch, and Discovery Cove. You can also see Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Whether you are going to stay in Orlando or Bay Lake, or travel to the other locations that have similar attractions, make sure that you are there long enough to truly enjoy all that these amusement parks have to offer.